Why not to bet on a $1 trillion infrastructure deal — President Donald Trump and key Democrats are talking about a possible grand bargain on infrastructure, with each side suggesting they could cooperate on a trillion dollar plan if control of the House flips next month. But basic math and the tortured history of past infrastructure initiatives suggest they are likely to be disappointed once again. — Tanya Snyder for Politico — October 22, 2018

GOP targets budget process for tax reform – Several influential Republicans want to use a filibuster-proof budget procedure to overhaul the corporate tax code — rather than wield it as a weapon against Obamacare, as conservatives are demanding. – Manu Raju and Burgess Everett in Politico– January 13, 2015

Old tax, new tricks? — As gas prices continue to drop and the Highway Trust Fund cliff quickly approaches, an old idea is getting some new attention: raising the gas tax. Several influential Senate Republicans have expressed a tepid openness to a gas tax hike, not outright supporting an increase but not taking it off the table either. On the Democratic side, Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin took it a step further Wednesday, saying it’s time to act. “Now’s the time do it. But we ought to do it in a thoughtful way,” Durbin said, adding that the regressive nature of the gas tax must be confronted to shield lower- and middle-income drivers. – Heather Caygle in Politico – January 8, 2015

Barbara Boxer: Won’t run again in 2016 — Longtime California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer will not run for reelection in 2016, she announced Thursday. Her decision means the loss of a major Democratic power player in the Senate, especially on the issue of the environment, and sets up what’s likely to be an intense race to replace her. Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kin in Politico – January 8, 2015

Dick Durbin: Time to raise gas tax As Congress stares down another looming highway cliff, an old idea is getting some new attention: Raising the gas tax. Burgess Everett and Heather Caygle in Politico – January 7, 2015