Entries by Nadine Westcott

Wisconsinites split on whether to raise gas tax for transportation fund – Wisconsin residents are almost evenly split on whether the state should increase the gas tax to raise money for the transportation fund, according to a new poll commissioned by Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce. – WISN – January 8, 2017

Oregon lawmakers’ multimillion-dollar transportation dream meets reality: how to pay for it? – Weeks before lawmakers return to the Capitol for what’s shaping up as a difficult 2017 session, one of their signature goals is facing serious challenges. – Gordon Friedman for The Oregonian – January 7, 2017

Iowa public employees’ unions oppose bargaining changes – Unions representing Iowa’s public employees are vowing to fight efforts by the Iowa Legislature to rewrite the state’s collective bargaining laws, although they face long odds against winning their battle. – William Petroski for The Des Moines Register – January 5, 2017

Kentucky Republicans Poised To Pass Right-To-Work Law, Delivering Blow To Unions – Kentucky Republicans opened 2017 by introducing a slate of anti-union bills in both chambers of the state legislature, including legislation that would make the state the last in the South to adopt a so-called “right-to-work” law. – Travis Waldron and Dave Jamleson for The Huffington […]

Trump’s infrastructure plan likely to take shape later in spring – President-elect Donald Trump’s promised infrastructure package will likely take shape after his first 100 days in office, according to top Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill. – Melanie Zanona for The Hill – January 4, 2017

Public Infrastructure as Stealth Privatization – Donald Trump hasn’t released an infrastructure plan but has given a good sense of the direction his administration will take. His proposal will likely use giant tax breaks to spur a massive increase in private control of public infrastructure in what David Dayen has called a “privatization fire sale.” […]

Trump team plans for infrastructure ‘task force’ to advance top spending priority – President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to create an infrastructure “task force” that will help carry out the ambitious federal spending program he intends to undertake upon taking office, according to several individuals briefed on his plans. – Julie Eilperin and Steven Mufson for The […]

Trump’s Commitment to Infrastructure Vow Is Being Questioned – It’s not at all clear that President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to spend massively on infrastructure are going to unfold as he promised. – Joan Lowy for the Associated Press – December 20, 2016

Washington to being testing a pay-by-mile tax – In fall 2017, the state of Washington will begin a pilot program, testing a system of charging drivers for the number of miles traveled, instead of charging them a gas tax. – Natasha Chen for KIRO7 – December 13, 2016

Walker standing firm on opposition to gas tax hike – The governor says he’s been pretty clear about his promise not to raise taxes or fees to help fund transportation in the state, and he plans to stand by it next spring. – Andrew Beckett for Wisconsin Radio Network – December 13, 2016