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House Lawmakers Outline ‘Menu’ of Infrastructure Solutions — As Congress and construction industry groups continue to wait for President Trump to release long-promised details of his infrastructure investment plan, a bipartisan group of U.S. House members is proposing an array of possible ways to increase infrastructure funding and make improvements in how projects are financed and […]

Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat — President Trump expressed misgivings about his administration’s infrastructure plan Friday at Camp David, telling Republican leaders that building projects through public-private partnerships is unlikely to work — and that it may be better for the government to pursue a different path. — Josh Dawsey for The Washington […]

House Transportation Committee Chairman floats raising gas tax to pay for infrastructure rebuild — The White House says one of its top priorities for 2018 will be re-building American infrastructure. Lawmakers still need to decide where to find the billions of dollars needed to make it happen. — WIAT CBS News 42 — January 4, 2018

GOP Rep. Shuster won’t seek reelection — Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) will not seek reelection this year, becoming the fourth House Republican committee chairman to call it quits. Like the other three chairmen, Shuster, who leads the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, was term-limited at the end of this Congress. — Christina Marcos for The Hill — January 2, […]

Top GOP Senator won’t rule out gas tax hike for infrastructure upgrades — The Senate’s No. 3 Republican left the door open on Tuesday to raising the federal gasoline tax to pay for infrastructure improvements — an idea currently being considered by the White House, but one that has repeatedly run into a buzz saw of opposition […]

GOP chairman: No appetite for gas tax hike now in House — The head of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said on Thursday that there is little appetite in the lower chamber right now for a hike in the federal gasoline tax. — Melanie Zanona for The Hill — October 26, 2017

New California gas tax hike goes into effect Nov. 1 — California’s new gas tax hike goes into effect Nov. 1 — a time when drivers across the state are already paying some of the highest fuel taxes in the nation. — Mike Luery for KCRA 3

Rep. Blumenauer, ATA show bipartisanship is possible on highway funding — Inside a small conference room, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and members of the committee met for about 30 minutes, attempting to find ways to advance long-term infrastructure funding at the federal level. — Neil Abt for FleetOwner — October 24, 2017

Trump officials assure Republicans an infrastructure plan is coming — The White House reassured Senate Republicans that President Trump remains committed to rebuilding U.S. roads, bridges, airports and other public works, according to lawmakers who attended a meeting with administration officials on Wednesday. — Melanie  Zanona for The Hill — October 18, 2017

Major Effort Underway to Repeal California Gas Tax Hike — Republicans’ latest effort to repeal California’s upcoming gas tax increase received a boost Wednesday from members of Congress and GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox, who said he would spend “significant” money to help put the initiative on next year’s ballot. — CBS Los Angeles / Associated Press — October 18, […]