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White House Wants To Jump-Start Highway Bill

August 20, 2011 (NewsCore) — The White House and congressional Democrats are working on a plan to jump-start passage of a stalled highway bill as the administration reworks part of its strategy for responding to high unemployment, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.  Read the full story.

Transportation deadlock worries states

August 17, 2011 (Stateline.org) — When federal lawmakers return to Capitol Hill next month, one of their first assignments will be the normally routine task of finding money for better roads and rails. But given Congress’ recent track record of letting seemingly mundane matters build to a crisis, transportation experts are keeping a wary eye […]

Threat to End Federal Fuel Taxes Concerns Transportation Officials

August 9, 2011 (Transport Topics) — Faced with the expiration in September of federal transportation taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, highway advocates say they are increasingly worried that the anti-tax, anti-government rancor that characterized the debt ceiling battle could endanger the nation’s transportation system.  Read the full story.

Gas-tax issue could be the next political fight

August 9, 2011 (The Hill) — After watching a two-week shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, transportation advocates and congressional staffers are concerned that the federal gas tax could become the next confrontational issue that Democrats and Republicans push to the brink.  Read the full story.

What does the debt ceiling deal mean for transportation?

August 1, 2011 (Transportation for America) — With just hours to spare before the deadline, the House, Senate and President Obama have agreed (in principle) on an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. While the details of that agreement are circulating in the media, the implications for the ongoing efforts to reauthorize the transportation bill […]

How Might Transportation Funding be Impacted by Debt Deal?

August 1, 2011 (Transportation Issues Daily)  — Whether by the hands of the new fiscal commission or through the alternative automatic cuts, federal transportation funding is going to decline dramatically compared to recent years.  The Senate transportation proposal, which counted on a $12 billion infusion of general funding, suddenly looks just a little less attainable.  […]

House GOP expected to ax transportation funds

July 5, 2011 (Washington Post) — The next flash point in the debate over the nation’s will to live within its means may emerge this week as House Republicans present a long-term transportation bill expected to cut funding for highways and mass transit by almost one third. Read the full story.